Perfectly personalized yoga in Winnipeg

Pregnancy Yoga

Intuitive. Mindful. Supportive.

Prenatal yoga honors the daily changes and the intuitive wisdom of the female pregnant body. It works the body in an essential way for the expectant person and also provides a wonderful preparation for delivery and beyond.

Prenatal yoga addresses the common discomforts like fatigue, back and shoulder pain, sciatica, shortness of breath, and headaches. Studies have suggested that practicing prenatal yoga can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles needed for giving birth and it could also help to prevent complications.

Katja has been teaching yoga and prenatal yoga for over 11 years. She was personally trained and certified in pregnancy yoga by one of the most renowned yoga teachers in Europe, Patricia Thielemann, founder and owner of Spirit Yoga Berlin. Katja is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE).

Weekly PREGNANCY YOGA classes at Birth Roots Winnipeg: Wednesdays 5.15–6.15pm. 

Join if you are 12 weeks pregnant or beyond. 

Online registration directly via Birth Roots:

Comments from previous participants about Katja’s classes:

“I felt very safe and cared for … Katja was knowledgeable and well prepared for each class.”

“The classes were so helpful to my physical and mental well-being throughout my pregnancy, more specifically I was able to play baseball and do other activities that left me physically uncomfortable because yoga would consistently heal my body.”

“I do not have the words to express my level of gratitude and appreciation for this class.”

 “Very relaxing, empowering, and challenging without feeling dangerous or unsafe.”
“I found it a wonderful way to connect with my body and practice mindful movement.”
“I found the prenatal yoga very beneficial for mood swings and capability of moving around with a big belly, also flexibility and recovery from giving birth.”
“Katja has always come to class prepared, however she listens to my needs on that day and I believe she finds a way to incorporate that into her classes. Her kind demeanour, her passion for yoga, health and well-being, and her understanding of prenatal yoga shines through in all of her classes.”
“Katja made sure posture and position was correct by walking around the room and engaging with each student. She made class relaxing and comfortable.”
 “Different poses each class that were exactly what I needed that day! Easy to follow instructor.”

“Small classes, setup before class began, wonderful instructor. Punctual and productive (good flow, quick pace but not too fast).”

“Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience that I looked forward to every week.”

“I think there was nice variety to the classes. Enjoyed that there was a mix of more active/strength building classes and more meditative ones.”

“Katja is very calm and experienced. She explains all the exercises remarkably well and provides alternatives when necessary. She combines many techniques in her class including breathing, physical exercise, connection to the baby, and relaxation.”